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Infant Care

We are licensed for up to eight infants in our program, with a ratio of 4 children per teacher. While we typically have two teachers, we often have a third teacher for a few hours every day to lend a helping hand. We strive to work closely with the parent to keep your child on the schedule you have set up for him or her. Our teachers are prepared to assist the parent or guardian in the growth of your child by engaging your infant through social interactions. We will accomplish this through talking to, playing with, moving, singing to and reading to your child. We also begin teaching basic sign language like, "Please", "More" and "Thank-you".

A child may enter the classroom as young as 6 weeks and graduates from the infant room when they are walking, down to one nap, no longer have a bottle and are at least 12 months old. 

If you have any questions about our infant program access our online contact form. 

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