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Preschool 3-5 yrs 


Three year olds want to "do it myself"! They will be given plenty of opportunities to do just that. Preschoolers are beginning to form friendships and enjoy role play and group activities. We use a more structured curriculum to begin school readiness. Our preschool threes and fours classroom is for children who will not enter kindergarten for two years/fall semesters. Each child will have the opportunity to grow and develop new strengths, interests and relationships as well as learning how to interact within a classroom setting. In order to enter the preschool threes & fours classroom, each child must be potty-trained.


Upon entering our Pre-Kingdergarten classroom, your child must be four or five years old, and must be in their year before kindergarten. In this classroom, we will begin teaching him or her phonics in order to achieve kindergarten readiness. By the time your child begins kindergarten the following year he/she will have a solid grasp on their alphabet and the basics of reading as well as colors and numbers. 


If you are interested in our classes or if you have any questions about our preschool program please email or access our online contact form



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