Our Staff

The Infants: 

Jessica Park - Serves as our Lead teacher for our infants classroom.

She is married and has two children in the center.I have graduated from mount

 Vernon Nazarene university with a bachelors of arts in intercultural studies. This

major trains you to work globally with many different cultures. I have lived and

worked Maetang Thailand(3 months) and south Korea (5 years) . When i lived in

south Korea i taught English as a second language in the public school..I have

experience teaching k through 6th grade.In 2015 of march She decided to move

to the us to settle down and have a family with her husband and her daughter

olivia.She now has two daughter (olivia and cora)and a husband and two dogs (sparkle and pojo) a little family of all her own .She is so happy to be here. She feels truely blessed by god to be apart of a job that get to work along side with the parent to help guide their child on the correct age mile stones.She loves seeing them smile and love to be able to help with needs in the class .She loves to read stories and see them enjoy them.On her days off she loves to cook and bake .She loves to try new things and different cultural items as well.She loves All different types of cheeses. She also Loves going to get coffee and chatting with friends.

Lauren Forbes  - serves as an assistant teacher in our infant classroom. She began babysitting as a freshman in high school, and hasn't stopped since. She is currently studying to attain a degree in biology (exercise science) with a minor in early childhood education at Arizona university. She plans to be an  X-ray technician and work as a part time aide in a daycare. She has attended church since the young age of five, when she would attend Sunday School, mission possible (kids ministry) and Vacation Bible School. Now she enjoys helping out in the children's church as needed and attending young adults group. In her free time she enjoys DIY crafts, hanging out with friends and watching Netflix. She also loves a good nap.

Taya Graves  - Serves as an assistant teacher in our infant classroom. She has two children that attend this center. She loves the color yellow in all shades. She loves to help with crafts when children do them. She loves to online shop for her two boys.


The Ones:

Katie Johnson- she is married with one child and loves her dog and two cats.

She is excited to be an assistant teacher in the Pre-school room.She graduated

from Chichester high school.She has worked at the high school in the special

education department for a total of two and a half years before starting at

discovery zone full time. In the class she loves to play with kids and dance and do crafts with them. She loves playing games with them and watching in amazement of all types of things that they think of.Out of the class she loves spending time with her family and friends.She loves going to the beach and she loves to curl up with a great book.


                                             Gabrielle Lanholm- she serves in the ones classroom and has two                                                       children of her own.She is very creative and loves to work hands on with                                               the ones year old room. She loves to have fun and read books with them                                               and teach them colors and how to pronounce the sounds of letters.She                                                   loves to have a positive vibes and calm classroom.

The Twos:

 Pam Keesey  serves as the assistant teacher for our toddler two's classroom. She has always loved working with children, and considers her job to be "living the dream." She is excited to be part of the ministry of The Bridge Church, while also making a difference in the lives of children. Her experience as a teacher is extensive, having worked five years at a daycare in Aston before transferring to another daycare where she worked for nine years with full day kindergarten. She then had the opportunity to work as a second grade teacher for two years and a personal nanny

for four years. In the meantime she also worked as a counselor and

director at a summer camp. Pam is also a proud mother of three and

a grandmother of four, and enjoys gardening, yard work and motorcycle

rides with her husband in her free time.


Brianna McClendon-Howell-She serves in the twos room and loves

doing crafts and simple art projects.She likes to be called "bri". She has

graduated from Brandy wine HS in Wilmington in 2016.She is currently in

her third year of college at Wilmington university.She is going for a

psychology degree. She likes to teach in the class between right and wrong in a positive manner.While also teaching basic lifestyle such as feeding and potty training She works on all of these positive behaviors with patience and reinforcement.She loves being in the classroom but she does like to be outside to.Outside the classroom her life consist of family,friends and school.She is very dedicated to school work. She is good at time management she balances school and socializing on a daily.



The Rainbow Room(2s-3s)

                                       Brittany Hopkins - Serves as a teacher for our Rainbow Classroom.This                                              room consist of late two year olds and early three year olds. She loves to play                                          with the kids and play with play dough and she also loves to do art with them. She graduated from Chichester high school in 2016 and she is furthering her career at Delaware county community college. In her free time she likes to spend time with her family and her friends . Before working at discovery zone She worked at head start for three years and loved it.


The Threes:

Heather Durham- Serves as our lead teacher in the Three's classroom. From a young age, she knew she wanted to work with children. She was always volunteering to babysit for

friends and family. After graduating high school, she became an early childhood

education major at Neumann University. After she graduate, she hoped to be

placed in either a kindergarten or a third-grade classroom. She hope to have an

impact on children’s lives. When she's not at work, she enjoy baking, spending

time with friends and family, and hanging out with Bruiser, her puppy.

Janet Marr - Serves as the assistant teacher for our Three's classroom.She is married ,She also has a daughter who is two years old.She enjoys hanging with family/friends and being in the sun. In the class she loves to have fun with the children and dance and sing along with them.She loves doing puzzles and crafts with them .Outside of the classroom she loves taking walks with her daughter.

The Fours:

                                                     Ninoschka Pizarro- Serves as lead teacher in our Four's classroom.                                         She was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico but raised in Chester,                                                                   Pennsylvania. She speaks fluent Spanish (she teaches the                                                                    children in her class it as well) and is currently pursuing an                                                                       Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education at Delaware                                                                County Community College. She found her passion to work with                                                            children during her sophomore year of high school. She often                                                                  taught children in Sunday School at her church, and if she was                                                           not at church she was babysitting. She loves being around kids,                                                             she also becomes a child with them while teaching and is                                                                     enthused when she finds herself learning from them. During her                                                   free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends, her dog (faith), singing and baking. She plans on pursuing a bachelors degree shortly.

School Age:

MacKenzie Millerserves as a assistant teacher in our school age's classroom. She likes to make sure everyone is having a good time and also learning at the same time. She believes that this is the time in children's lives where they should learn how to be respectful and responsible young people. It brings her so much joy coming to the center everyday and working with the children. She honestly can say she has fallen in love with working with the children. She loves to do arts and crafts with the kids. In her free time she loves to sing and do face painting at booths corner sale.

Latashia Davis


Kitchen Staff

Sandra Craig serves in our kitchen in every capacity, with meal

preparation and food service and cleanup.she loves her grand kids and

loves spending time with them.She recently just moved her to help her

son who is in the army to raise his kids and then she found work here.

Mary Morrisonserves as a closing teacher for our toddler two's

room.She's a mom to two kids they are both in university.She works

in the kitchen in the afternoons.She works full time at Chichester middle

school as a kitchen aide and then comes here to work part time in the

daycare.She is a loving woman who loves on the kids here like a parent would ,she loves working here and she recommends people here.

Floaters(go in classes as needed)

Joanna Robertson - She has worked at discovery zone now for three years .Before she started at discovery zone she nannied for seven years .She is in school so for right now she is only part time .She is going to school to become a occupational therapist .She enjoys stepping into classrooms when needed and she loves all the kids so she doesn't care which class she gets put. In her free time she loves to cook and bake.She also loves to hang with family and friends when she can.

New Hires

We would like to encourage you to get to know the newest members of our staff.  

They're all extremely qualified and love working with children,

 so be sure you take time to meet them.



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